Thursday, July 11, 2013

Open Access and Hunger

Medicine is a great example of why open-access is so important to the developing world. There's only one other type of research that is more important--- Agriculture! Without adequate food, health care is just an after-thought. That's what's so wrong about the current Farm Bill's attempt to privatize the research coming from the public's investment in agricultural research. Agricultural research needs to be open. The current Farm Bill proposal to create private profit with public funds is just wrong. It's fine to create the Foundation for Agriculture Research-- just require that all discoveries contain open licensing.
Q: What does OA have to offer the developing world?
A: Everything. A seat at the table as equals. The chance to participate in the worldwide project of research on a level playing field. A route into the academic world for impoverished but motivated students. Immediate access to crucial medical advances. A path towards research that's targeted to these nation's issues. It's almost impossible to overstate how important OA is for the developing world; for me, I think this is the single most important reason why we need OA.


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