Monday, July 1, 2013

More Attempts to Circumvent Public Access

The regents of the University of California are trying the exact same shenanigans as contained in the Senate version of the Farm Bill.  This is just plain wrong! The public pays for this research, and they have the right to know what it contains. This research needs to be in the public domain where ALL (ANYONE?) could potentially use these results to create new products. This is such crap!
In a unanimous vote last month, the Regents of the University of California created a corporate entity that, if spread to all UC campuses as some regents envision, promises to further privatize scientific research produced by taxpayer-funded laboratories. The entity, named Newco for the time being, also would block a substantial amount of UC research from being accessible to the public, and could reap big profits for corporations and investors that have ties to the well-connected businesspeople who will manage it. 
This is virtually identical to what the Senate wants to do with $200 million of taxpayer dollars in their already passed version of the Farm Bill.  We can only hope the Congress kills this off. Is it any wonder that the public is losing faith in their publicly funded universities?