Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Is Anyone Paying Attention: Farm Bill Version

That someone in the press actually decided to pay attention to the use of public funds for private gain in California is a really good thing. The exact same thing is happening with taxpayer dollars in the new Farm Bill. The plan is take $200 million of taxpayer money and siphon it off to a private entity for commercialization, and the hiding of the intellectual property away from public view. It started at $100 million and was quickly doubled to $200 million. One can only guess how many dollars will be sheltered from public oversight once this new Foundation for Agricultural Research is created.
Some readers may recall coverage on this blog of the most recent Regents meeting (May) in which an entity at UCLA to be known as Newco was created to license university-developed technology.  One small newspaper - the East Bay Express - has now given the new entity some (negative) attention and points out that there was little coverage of the issue in the news media. 
We can only hope that someone will notice what's going on in the Farm Bill before it's too late. Public funded research needs to be accessible to the people who funded it. This couldn't be any more important than when it comes to discoveries concerning food.

 Someone finally noticed Newco.

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