Friday, October 15, 2010

Your next big challenge: Scaling Time

Great article on real-time services: Real-time + Face Time = the New Primetime
One of the realities of the modern era and the age of continuous information streams is that consumers now expect, rather than simply demand, that their needs be addressed in real time.
Some of my own research uncovered this phenomenon. If you asked people their expectations on speed of service they told us one thing. BUT, when you graphed their satisfaction across the speed of response, it dropped off a cliff the longer you took to meet their needs.

If you're in a business working with the public the new gold standard is, "I want it now." How are you hiring and reorganizing to meet this new expectation of performance? Seems to me that one solution is to embrace freeranging. Office hours are the first thing needing to be abandoned. You have to organize to have people in the flow 24x7.

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