Sunday, July 25, 2010

New sites and Chrome extensions of interest

I continue to be amazed at the amount of innovation still happening on the Web. I make a real effort to kick-the-tires on new sites, but like all people I get busy and comfortable and distracted and miss things. This weekend I've found three new sites that I have found interesting, and wanted to share them.

You say what you like. I say what I like. And Miio makes it easy for us to find, share and chat with each other about the stuff that interests us. That's it. That's Miio.

You may think this sounds like a lot of sites you're already using, and at its most basic level that is true. What is different is the way they handle filtering. It is filtering on steroids. This is an example of the kind of tool coming to help us deal with information overload. It's definitely worth watching.

Mendeley Web lets you access your research paper library from anywhere, share documents in closed groups, and collaborate on research projects online. It connects you to like-minded academics and puts the latest research trend statistics at your fingertips.
Most of what Mendeley does will be of no interest to you if you are not a researcher. So why am I mentioning it? It does one thing you have to see: research collections.  This is an aggregation by discipline of research papers that other scientists find of interest. This is basically a trend-spotter. Ignore everything else at Mendely, but checkout the collections-- fascinating.

FeedSquares provides a cool, entertaining way to read your favorite feeds.
As most of you know I'm a big fan of Feedly as an alternative interface to Google Reader. FeedSquares works in this same space and provides yet another alternative to the bland Reader native interface. You use it by installing a browser extension.  I've been using FeedSquares a fair bit, and can definitely recommend it. I know many of you have told me that you just don't get Feedly. FeedSquares provides a slightly less filtered view of your feeds, and it just might feel a tad bit more comfortable. I'm not sure I'll completely make the switch to FeedSquares just yet, but it does have a Chrome app (Feedly does not) and that may be enough to make it my feed reader of choice.

How about you? Seen anything new and interesting of late you'd like to share?


john said...

Thanks for the sites. Did you know that Feedly has a Chrome extension? It's how I read this post ;)

Kevin Gamble said...


I did. I use it regularly. I'm a huge fan of Feedly. Would love to have an Android version.