Friday, June 11, 2010

Open Education: University of Michigan shows how it is done

What a great initiative coming from the University of Michigan: open.michigan
Open.Michigan is a University of Michigan initiative that enables faculty, students, staff and others to share their educational resources and research with the global learning community.
That this effort isn't being initiated by Michigan's land-grant university is sad. When the history is written, that the nation's land-grant universities were so slow to get on the right side of the open education movement is going to be seen as a blunder of epic proportion. The open education movement should have been an idea birthed and totally embraced by the land-grants. Instead we've seen it resisted. It's very very sad to see such an opportunity to have gone totally missed.

BTW, I have written Michigan State University twice now asking for an explanation for the copyright statement attached to their OpenCourseWare site. Compare Michigan State's all-rights-reserved licensing to the Creative Commons statement found at the University of Michigan. Shameful!

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