Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why Buzz is important

Louis Gray does a great job of explaining why the Buzz platform is so important going forward: Why I am Using Buzz and Why It Is Important that Buzz Succeeds
I do not want a world where the only social networks available are Facebook and Twitter. I don't trust Microsoft to do a good enough job to provide a real alternative, and I don't think Apple wants to. LinkedIn won't transform overnight, and Plaxo is not a candidate. Cisco and other companies aren't even close. So Google provides us the only real alternative to these two networks, and looks to be on the right path, talking openly about privacy, data security, and openness.
I really like Buzz. I was a diehard FriendFeed user because of the quality of the conversations. With FriendFeed's demise we needed an alternative. Buzz came along at just the right time. In its short three months of existence I have built a stronger network in Buzz than I ever had in FriendFeed. It works. You can join me in Buzz by visiting my Google profile. An awful lot of what I used to blog I do now through Buzz.

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