Saturday, May 15, 2010

Freeranging Chapter 1: A More Natural Way of Working

Over the next few weeks I'm going to begin to share the chapter summaries from my Freeranging book proposal. The first chapter has actually been written, but I'd still appreciate your feedback.

Chapter 1: A More Natural Way of Working
This chapter sets the stage for the entire book, and introduces the major concepts. It starts with a story of a working environment enjoyed by a freerange worker that is dramatically different than that experienced by the overwhelming majority of today's workforce. It discusses work from an historical perspective. It touches on the predominant ideologies that have defined our working environments over the last 150 years. It visits Taylor's Principles of Scientific Management, and how these have been misapplied in the network economy, and how information technologies are being misused to create an always-on culture and a workplace hell.
The chapter concludes with the progressive use of technologies to free workers, and to create a workplace optimized for greater innovation and creativity. We touch on The Rise of the Creative Class, and how social networking is making this new form of working a possibility for a larger percentage of the workforce. It concludes with the values and principles driving the freerange enterprise, and delineates the goals of the book.

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