Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Freeranging the Book: Table of Contents

Below is the Table of Contents for the Freeranging book. In subsequent posts I will share more details about each chapter. So far, I've only written the first chapter and part of the second. I do have brief descriptions for each chapter written, however. I will share those short pieces over the next few weeks, and then go into more detailed discussions of each chapter as the writing progresses.

A More Natural Way of Working
The Science
The Culture
The Environment
The Technology
New Work Metrics
The Imperative
Making the Transition
Notes and Further Reading

Any thoughts? I know you are seeing this with none of the details but hopefully from having read this blog in the past you have some idea as to how each chapter might unfold. The order? Anything missing? Anything that should be removed?

In subsequent posts I will provide brief descriptions of my thinking as to what will go in each chapter. Your feedback is most welcome.

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