Friday, January 1, 2010

The tech things from the past decade that have rocked my world

I saw this list of technologies that we didn't have to start the 00 decade: 18 Awesome Tech Things We Didn't Have 10 Years Ago. It got me thinking about some of the newer things that I just can't imagine living without. Here's my list of 10 things (in no particular order):
  • Wikipedia - geez, it's where I go to learn more than any other site.
  • Google Books-- call me an addict. And with my nook-- oh my!
  • Google Maps-- what's to say?
  • Google Mail-- bottomless storage, filters, and spam blocking. Sweet!
  • Google Wave-- in just a few months I've become totally hooked on this tool
  • YouTube-- more learning.
  • RSS-- bringing the web to me.
  • iPhone - if it weren't so important why is my battery always dead?
  • VOiP - first Skype and now Gizmo5. Add Google Voice to this and it's to die for.
  • Creative Commons-- changing the world for the better. Thank God!
What's on your list?

(And Happy New Year!)


DairyScienceMark said...

Used my first Apple product about 15 years ago. Said I would never use another again. I'm writing this on my iPhone. Two lesson there.

Suddenly Fourty said...

The noughties was the decade of Apple's comeback and social networking, both of which I now consider big parts of my life.

But I try to stay clear of going mobile with a lot of things (even email). There's nothing like working on a desk composing content-rich multi-layered material (in contrast with the one-dimensional output in certain technologies/services that encourage volume over depth or substance in what one publishes).