Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Controlling uses of information technology

I'm looking for some people to interview via email who can provide real world examples of how technology has been used poorly in the workplace; e.g. to control and monitor workers. This is for a piece I'm writing about the use of technologies to provide greater workplace flexibility. I'm wanting to start, however, with some stories to illustrate what not to do.

For example, I know of a company that when gas prices went through the ceiling allowed their employees to work at home two days a week. The employees, however, were required to be logged into IM at all times during business hours. I was reminded of those bracelets that we put on inmates who are under house arrest.

Can you provide me some real-life stories? I'd love to interview you. I will promise you anonimity, and will not mention the name of your company or organization unless you tell me it's okay.

Thanks for your help!


Aron Sora said...

Try submitting this request to Help a Reporter Out. I used to to get sources for my blog post and it worked really well and it's free. I'm sorry about not having anything to add. Here's the link: http://www.helpareporter.com/haro/index.php?r=story/create

Kevin Gamble said...

Thank you so much Aron. I will contact them.