Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is Wave IMS compliant? BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I found this amusing: Google Uses Educause Meeting as Focus Group for Wave.  Here's the big moment:
At one point, a college leader asked the panel from Google if Wave would be compatible with IMS Global standards, which helps education software from various vendors work together.
Let me rephrase the question:
Is this going to eliminate my job bottling knowledge? Will faculty be able to engage students in learning without using our million dollar Learning Management System? Are we going to need some policies that will keep faculty from using this? Just saying, cause this would be really bad for our budget and my job security.
Allow me to take a stab at answering this question around IMS Global standards. Please dear God no! I'm sure if you wanted to write a gadget to collect all of the required metadata to turn Wave into a last decade Learning Management System that you could. It would keep many IT people employed for decades to come.  It will have as massive of impact on learning as IMS has had in the past 14 years, which of course is none.

The person asking the question was a very astute observer. They cut straight to the chase. They could see the threat of Google Wave and thought, "We better get this under control before it eliminates our reason for existance." We can only hope.

All this money being spent on these silly control-freak standards could be much better spent cutting tuition costs. When was the last time you heard a university leader talk about cutting costs and making their institutions more affordable? There are plenty of places where costs could be cut. Learning Management Systems would be a good place to start.

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Bud Gibson said...

These are really a disaster. I agree wholeheartedly.

One thing that struck me the other day in a meeting is that all teaching universities really have to sell is recognized certification. I'm not sure how LMS tie into that value proposition.

what_was_ur_1st_clue said...

Seems like you missed the point of the comment made at the meeting - sounds like you weren't there. The point was just the opposite of your inference: if Google would use IMS Global Learning Consortium standards it would be easier to integrate Wave or other Google Apps into the IT infrastructures of colleges, and especially as to their being used within the context of courses and such. The IMS standards don't constrain anything - they may it easier. So, if you're in favor of Wave use in education you should be in support of IMS standards and Google - not against.

Kevin Gamble said...


I haven't been to an EDUCAUSE in years. I went to one after EDUCOM merged with CAUSE and didn't care too much for how the entire culture of the conference had changed.

I'm not for merging Wave into the IT infrastructures of colleges. I'm for doing away with those infrastructures. They do next to nothing to further learning. They should just shut them down. Do away with them entirely. Place the focus back on the learner (not the course), and return the money saved back to the students in the form of lower tuition and technology assessment fees.