Thursday, November 5, 2009

Added a Google Friend Connect Widget

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Google has added new features to Friend Connect that look very interesting: Google Friend Connect, now more personalized.
Visitors to your site can get to know each other better by sharing details about themselves that are relevant to the site they're on....
The enhancements intrigue me enough that I want to take a closer look. So, I've added a new widget for Friend Connect, and hope you'll join me in testing. I know that not many people actually visit this site, and instead subscribe to the feeds, but I'm interested in kicking the tires on this for other reasons. If you'd like to help me see what this is all about please consider joining.
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1 comment:

justkeepdistance said...

I like Friend Connect I think it has Many uses but Many people are too Busy on Rat Races like Twitter where they are compeating with 1000's for Visitors when they could be Connecting with Likeminded Bloggers and Building Upon that. That's what I think anyway