Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize photo licensed Creative Commons Share Alike

How cool is this? The Nobel Foundation uses a Creative Commons Share Alike licensed photo. What's even more cool is that the Obama transition team chose to use a Creative Commons license. If there was ever a time to follow the leader... I hope we're reaching a point where all-rights-reserved is considered inappropriate (and evil).

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jv said...

Is it true that all government images have something akin to a creative commons license? I know that pictures the military takes can be used by just about anyone.

Kevin Gamble said...


Technically, Federal government produced intellectual property would have the equivalant of a Creative Commons Zero license (

Works created by the Federal government are in the public domain which means you are free to use them however you'd like-- even commercially. You still need to be sure that the work in question is actually a government produced piece of content. For example, the government contracts for a lot of work and it may be owned by the contractor not the government. They also get permission to use copyrighted photos, etc. Those types of things would not be in the public domain.