Saturday, September 19, 2009

The future of single-source truth shops

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If you are an online content provider this is what you're up against. You can deny it, but that's not a strategy that's going to carry you far. From David Weinberger: The temptation of stories

The new medium now can include as many stories as we want, from as many different points of view, connected by curators above the stories and by hyperlinks within the stories. The story no longer has to tell the whole truth. It’s just one of the stories. But, while that’s true of the ecosystem as a whole, the old temptation to be a single-source truth shop exists for individual online publications, whether they’re commercial or personal.

Or academic...

Note: I don't do many old-style blog posts these days since finding FriendFeed. Maybe with FriendFeed's future in doubt I should start doing these types of posts again?

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Bud Gibson said...

I think your note at the end illustrates the weakness in a pure distributed strategy. If the service disappears, your content and all the links to it disappear.

Instead, I would view things like Friend Feed as one distribution channel among many for content I produced.

Kevin Gamble said...


Point totally accepted!