Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some blog post ideas...

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I've been traveling a ton and not doing too much blogging. I have been thinking of some potential topics. Here's the list:

  • Content isn't king-- it's social chum
  • Social media and the late 1800's Farmer's Movement
  • Why your social media strategy must start with copyright
  • Learning from our failures-- I take on Appreciative Inquiry

Anything strike a cord? I'm guessing these won't result in a single post for each topic, but rather several. If I can take them on in bite size chunks it's more likely I'll write at least something.

Let me know and I'll try to get started.

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DairyScienceMark said...

Appreciative inquiry is something I know nothing about. I like learning.

Jeff and DeLynn said...

New article posted in JOE:
Using Appreciative Inquiry to Advance Extension

Let the wild rumpus begin!

Kevin Gamble said...


They're making it too easy for me starting off with that social-relativism stuff. I thought we were supposed to be a research-based organization? :)


Unknown said...

Oh raid my blog for appreciative inquiry. I can flick you common sense versions of the 5 principles that I wrote last night. Would love eedback anyway.

Hey could you not open up your sign in to include Name Url. Open ID is a pain in the rear end, failing more often than not.

I blog at

Kevin Gamble said...


Good stuff. So help me out with this one:

"There is no one view of the world which accounts for all our realities. We need to listen to all our points of view and look for the common linkages between us."

I totally buy this. So how does AI fit into this where you totally ignore anything that doesn't support the predominant corporate speak? I'm thinking of those NASA engineers ignoring all that data saying don't launch, and the AI advocates of the time saying, "We're NASA. We rock! Fire away."

I do respect your thinking (lots) so I'm hoping to learn here. Maybe you'll convince me to not write the post. :)