Monday, July 6, 2009

The next read for the Hightouch Book Club

I'm ready to start the third book of the Hightouch Book Club. We read books that "touch on the intersection of technology and culture (loosely defined)". I hope you'll consider getting the book, reading along, and even commenting.

The book club can be a lonely place. I know that a few people at least read the last book, The Whuffie Factor because they told me. No one commented in the Friend Feed room, however. It's been so quiet that I had to question the value of the activity. I realized that the exercise satisfied the Delicious Lesson: personal value precedes network value. For me, the value is that I am completing books where in the past I almost never did. I can't count the number of partially read books I have on the bookshelf. Since starting the book club I've finished the last three. Kind of sad that I have to post the notes in order to finish, but that's my reality.

That said, the next read will be Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson. Yes, I know about the unattributed lifting of some of the content from Wikipedia-- I don't care so hold your breath. This book will be available Tuesday, July 7. I hope you'll get it, read along, and maybe even join in the conversation.

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