Thursday, June 4, 2009

U.S. News and World Report: University rankings and gaming the system

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The Charlotte Observer reports on Clemson's gaming of the U.S. News and World Report university ranking system: Staffer: Clemson manipulated rankings
A rogue Clemson University staffer has accused the South Carolina school of manipulating its U.S. News & World Report ranking – reviving a debate over what critics call the pernicious influence of the magazine's annual college ratings.

That someone would game this ranking system totally rocks! Of course, it is completely to be expected. The already high respect I had for Clemson University just went up ten-fold. These rankings are nothing short of evil. They are worse than meaningless, and that parents and students buy this crap is really sad.

The best way to deal with trying to measure things that have no business being measured is to totally destroy their credibility. My hope is that every school games these ratings to no-end, and that it drives a stake through the heart of the whole sordid mess.

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DairyScienceMark said...
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DairyScienceMark said...

There's an interesting column by Bob Morse, a US News writer at this URL. Morse is the guy who developed the ranking methodology. He says that he heard the presentation and he puts the controversial parts into context of the whole presentation. The comments posted about the column are particularly interesting, especially the ranking of Univ. of Calif - Santa Barbara above schools like the U of Florida or U of Texas.

Click here for Morse column

Kevin Gamble said...

Ranking UC Santa Barbara higher makes total sense to me. Have you seen the beach at Isla Vista? Can students surf right outside their apartments at the University of Texas or University of Florida? I didn't think so...