Sunday, May 3, 2009

Your Web site strategy: What's plan B?

We've been saying this for a long time. Treat every page as a standalone site. Quit wasting your time and energy trying to control your Web site visitors. They are in charge, they have the back button. It's a good read: The End of the Destination Web Era

In March the average American visited a mere 111 domains and 2,500 web pages, according to Nielsen Online. What's worse, our attention across these pages is highly fragmented. The average time spent per page is a mere 56 seconds. Portals and search engines dominate, capturing approximately 12 of the 75 hours spent online in March. However, people-powered sites like Wikipedia, Facebook and YouTube are not far behind, snagging nearly 4.5 hours of our monthly attention.

If your strategy is to build a destination Web site and bottle content, what's your back-up plan?

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1 comment:

Wayne Sutton said...

So much for the build it they will come theory, now build it will they stay longer than 5secs :)