Saturday, May 9, 2009

I want Google Analytics everywhere

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I was kicking the tires on a new site this morning, Their tagline, "the dead simple place to post everything." Getting started is as easy as sending an email to You account and domain will be automically created. It couldn't be easier.

If you want, however, to customize your site a bit it can be done. I was customizing my posterous page when I got a huge surprise: Setting up Google Analytics. Are you kidding me? This is something I asked for almost two years ago: Privacy - yearning for yesteryear:

In a transparent world I should have the ability to see who is looking at my information. I want my Google Analytics capabilities extended to every location where I post content. If you're looking at photos of my children on Flickr I should be able to see that. If you're hanging on my every Twitter post -- I should know that too. Transparency needs to be a two-way street. We need our social networking sites to open-up and allow us to embed tracking scripts on our personal pages.

That Posterous is allowing me to embed my Analytics script is very cool. I can't believe that someone hasn't done this sooner. (Does anyone know of other sites that provide this capability?) As said previously, Google Analytics will become the neighborhood watch of the Internet. This kind of stuff is going to be huge. I want these sort of capabilities everywhere a piece of me lives on the Internet.

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Anonymous said...

You mean to say “Google will become the neighborhood watch of the Internet.”, no?

They already know my search habits, they know my browsing habits through their advertising network, they know where I went on vacation via my photos on Picasaweb, they know where I am via Latitude, they know the contents of my email, they know my future plans through Google Calendar, they know other personal details about me through Google Profile, and who knows what else.

Google, for people who don’t give a crap about privacy.

Needless to say I don’t much like your views on being able to scrutinise who’s looking at your information :).

Kevin Gamble said...


Google already knows all this stuff. Whether we trust them or not is irrelevant.

Google won't become the neighborhood watch. Google enables the neighborhood watch. We watch the neighborhood ourselves. If someone other than Google wanted to do this it would be fine with me.

I already know all of this stuff about who visits my blog. Google gives me this information. As does Performancing Metrics. I can watch people browse my blog real time. I should also be able to know this about who's following me (or my children) on Twitter, FriendFeed, Posterous, etc. It's like caller-id-- it levels the playing field and provides greater transparency.

So I guess you're right. We probably don't agree. I'm not a big fan of anonymity. If you're afraid to put something up on the Internet, you're probably best adviced not to put it up.

I think the days of expecting privacy are long gone. Doesn't really matter whether we like it or not. What is is.


Anonymous said...