Monday, May 18, 2009

Facebook begins support for OpenID

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I've been critical of Facebook's lack of openness in the past so I need to give them a massive shoutout now: Facebook’s OpenID Goes Live

Later today Facebook will officially become an OpenID relying party. What does that mean? It that if you wish to register for Facebook using another OpenID provider, you can. Initially the service will not be completely open though. As Facebook will post later today, “To start, new users can now register for Facebook with their Gmail accounts, and existing users can link their Facebook accounts with any OpenID provider to connect with friends and eliminate the need for multiple sign-ins.

This is really big news. I'd pretty much backed completely out of Facebook over their closed nature. This move brings me back. The hiatus is over.

That Facebook was the first of the really big players to accept OpenID from third parties is huge. May the remaining dominoes begin to fall. Thank you Facebook!

UPDATE: It was there just like them promised. I set it up, and it works totally sweet. This is most excellent!!!

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