Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spreading nasty bugs in virtual worlds

We had a meeting in Second Life this afternoon. Yes, we meet on Saturdays. When you freerange you meet anytime, and in lots of different places. When you have a group of people comfortable with the Second Life interface there is no place better to meet than Second Life. It totally shines over the other virtual environments.

That said, during the meeting today I had to sneeze, and before I could click on the mute button I let it rip. Everyone said, GBY and I apologized for not being quick enough with the mouse. Then someone said, "At least in here we don't have to worry about you spreading your germs to the rest of us."

Great point! Just one more reason why meeting in virtual space makes so much sense: less travel cost, always available, no spreading of nasty office bugs...

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Peg Boyles said...

Even though a couple of you appear to be levitating (with excitement?), it's good to see y'all chowing down on fresh fruit.

Kevin Gamble said...

We weren't really levitating. (Even though we could.) And it's funny you mentioned the fruit. During the meeting I was complaining that we didn't have any cookies. Second Life is the one place I can eat them without having to worry about making a trip to the gym to burn them off.

Rich Phelps said...

Deadly plague hits Warcraft world

I'm Just saying

MariaD said...

It's interesting that most meetings I attend in Second Life have such mundane (boring) settings.

Why not a steampunk blimp, or a cave overlooking the sunset?