Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook's ethics?

I had to laugh at this move by Facebook to recover from the damage created when they totally displayed their inner evilness with their new Terms of Use: Facebook Launches Facebook Bill of Rights, Reverts to Previous Terms of Use

To help ensure they don't make the same mistakes again, they've also started the "Facebook Bill of Rights," a Facebook group formed specifically to allow people "to give input and suggestions on Facebook's Terms of Use."

I'm not one of those people who believes in organizational values. People have values, and the decency of an organization only goes as deep as the ethical framework of the people who make the decisions.

That said, you don't form committees to "decide" on your basic values. You don't have to ask your customers what is right and wrong. If you don't know, YOU ARE TOAST. I don't care if you have 175 million users. They can leave as quickly as they arrived. Read this and tell me this is a person who is driven by any higher purpose? I dare you to find a moral compass in this diatribe: Update on Terms.

I can't wait to see the jokes that people will me making of this.

UPDATE: And the humor begins:
BoomTown Decodes the Zuckerberg Terms of Service My-Bad Memo (Now With 10 Percent More “So Very Sorrys!”)

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