Saturday, February 7, 2009

Being friended by your parents on Facebook

Previously I blogged about friending my daughter on Facebook. Now it's happened to me. I was just friended my my 83 year old father.

My daughter (@stopstalkingme) found this too funny. One of those what-goes-around-comes-around moments. I've decided to confirm the friendship, we are friends after all, but I hope he's not depending on me for all sorts of great Facebook dialog. I hate Facebook. For me, it is nothing more than a portal for scrabble.

I'm guessing I need to call my father and try to get him started on FriendFeed-- if he's really wanting to keep up with me.


Sue Waters said...

Having them on Facebook is bad. Worse still my sister and husband Google me. Then when they meet up they have great conversations laughing about my photos and what my bios say. So people should never have access to computers! Especially if used in the pursuit of bad stuff!

Kevin Gamble said...

They search for you on Google? OMG!

If people only knew that we could see their searches they would be so embarrassed. I'm embarrassed for them.

Guess it's all part of living in the open.

Sue Waters said...

Trust me they don't feel embarrassed :(

Anonymous said...

At least it shows that social media reaches across several generations. I try not to friend my family on facebook or other social sites. It's just another way for them to leave me a message I've already gotten via voicemail, email, and text!

Note to families: We promise, we'll call you back!