Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Shorty Awards: Upping the ante

We've had a couple of good days in our quest to win @stopstalkingme a Shorty Award. When I went to bed last night she was at #35 and owned the #bestusername tag. We slipped overnight almost 10 spots, however. Some of the twitter A-listers have started to rise in the rankings. For example, Chris Brogan moved up almost 15 spots in just 12 hours.

It's obvious that the competition is stiffening, and that we need to raise the stakes. Where my twinfluence is among the best, I'm finding that my reach of 2.7 million isn't working to bring in the votes. It is only the close tie nodes in my social network who are stepping up to the plate. So it's time to change the dynamics of the voting. We're upping the ante. We're turning this into a charity fund-raising drive.

For every vote for @stopstalkingme I will donate $1 to Creative Commons. Once we hit $250 I will change the charity to another cause-- I'm thinking of Doctors Without Borders, but am open to suggestions.

If you haven't voted yet please tweet right now: @shortyawards @stopstalkingme #bestusername because...

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