Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What have you given up for social media?

Beth Kanter takes a shot at answering the question, How Much Time Does It Take To Do Social Media? I'm not about to argue with the hours she lists for the various levels of participation-- I'll just concede it's a bunch. Instead, I'm curious what you've given up to support your social media habit? Here's what I'm doing less:

  • Sleep - 20% (Maybe that's just an age thing?)
  • Newspapers - 100%
  • Magazines - 100%
  • Television - 80% (I can't name a single show I watch regularly.)
  • Fiction - 90% (Occasionaly while on a plane. Love those romance novels.)
  • Non-fiction - 50% (Been reading Here Comes Everybody for four months.)
  • Telephone - 90% (Pretty much reserved for conference calls.)
  • Surfing - 100% (I never just explore. It's social media and search.)


Unknown said...

Kevin, While I am also asked about the time factor and I agree that you have to give up somewhere to gain in other places, I think the real question is what is the value of the shift?

How do you describe the value gained (and possibly lost) from giving up some of the time spent in "old" media? For example, what is the value you gained (and possibly lost) from giving up 100% of newspapers to use your time in social media and search?

Kevin Gamble said...

Good questions. I could respond on each item, but I'll take newspapers now. Time I used to spend reading one newspaper is now spent scanning five. I subscribe to the feeds for the NY Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, the LA Times, and BBC News. I probably get sent to just as many, if not more, through my friends' suggestions. So where I don't read the newspaper anymore I feel *way* more informed and on top of things than I was previously with just reading the Raleigh News and Observer (and I don't even subscribe to its feeds today).

I also subscribe to some tech things like Wired (which I haven't read a print version of in years) that covers some items of general interest news items as well.

Mark Schoneveld said...

I thought you said you gave up Surfing (as in waves) for social media and I was about to call you a fool. But then I realized what you meant. Hah! Yes, I agree with your whole list.

Kevin Gamble said...

Mark, *smiling* I gave up surfing because I'm too old and slow to get up fast enough on these East coast waves. I will occasionally surf when visiting the West coast. I think the last time I surfed was in Hawaii (?) 4 years ago.

Mark Schoneveld said...

Right on. Sometimes I cringe when I think about how I gave up the ski-bumming lifestyle in Colorado for coming to the city to work. I don't think computers could ever replace those kinds of experiences - skiing, surfing, hiking, camping, whatever. It's so important to remember to unplug once in a while.

Brian said...

Kevin, My list would be very similar. The one item I'd add is e-mail listservs at about 80%.

My e-mail is easier to handle today then in the past, and this is part of the reason. It's also due to better spam filters by the University, and I'm better at putting it aside until later.

Anonymous said...

I've given up TV ..

Kevin Gamble said...

I've also given up forums-- forgot about those. I used to spend a lot of time on forums *such as* Big Soccer. No more...

And as Brian mentioned. No listservs anymore for anything but work, and I *really* wish they'd migrate to something more efficient.