Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Freerange Tools: Microblogging

Everyone in our freerange workplace blogs (50%) or microblogs (100%). I don't think I need to discuss the why too much. If you're freeranging you need to know what your colleagues are thinking, what's going on in their lives, what they find frustrating, what makes them smile, and what's got their interest. Microblogging is the watercooler of old for the freerange enterprise. It, more than any other technology, helps to blur the lines between personal and professional. If you aren't microblogging you can't freerange. Nuff said.

I started microblogging after hearing this podcast by Ryan Frietas back in November of 2006 where he mentioned this thing called Twitter. By March of 2007 it had been adopted by every person in our work group. Adoption of these tools is purely optional so I was surprised at how rapidly it was accepted. I will discuss freeranging antipatterns in a subsequent post, but suffice it to say that people must feel free to choose their own tools.

I have since moved from Twitter to using identi.ca as my primary microblogging platform. I chose identi.ca primarily for philosophical reasons. I prefer open-source solutions whenever possible. It goes to that passion thing-- I believe in openness and support those that walk-the-talk. I will touch on why it doesn't matter where you microblog when I discuss the tools used for aggregation and filtering.

I have come to believe that microblogging has replaced 90% of the functionality of the blog. You can freerange without blogging, but not without microblogging. It is a critical component of the freerange enterprise.

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