Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Your most interesting Google Reader folders?

This started as a much longer post. Boring. I've decided to cut straight to the chase. What are your most interesting Google Reader folders? Here are mine:

  • Friends blogs - people I know well and/or work with.
  • Commenters - anyone who has ever left a comment on my blog.
  • People I've met - It's bigger than I would have thought.
  • People I'd like to meet - this is a small list.
  • Twitter - where I send the results of my various Pipes (obsoleted by FriendFeed but for some reason I still look at this folder).
  • Bookmarks - the bookmarks of my follows in one place (FriendFeed obsoletes this as well).
  • Workstreams - what'd you expect (Hmm, I could send this to FriendFeed too).

I like these folders. What I like most is that they are all people centric. I'm finding that I spend most of my time between these folders, and the recommended items delivered by Feedly social search. I subscribe to 539 feeds so I have lots of folders, but gradually I'm trying to prune the list and get every feed into a more descriptive folder. Don't know if I will ever pull this off but I'm trying.

What are your more interesting folders? I'm looking for ideas to steal.


Anonymous said...

- filtered job listing feeds
- daily quotes
- web dev related feeds
- funny images / comics
- feeds from few google blogs

DairyScienceMark said...

in order of use:

News (world news)
Science News (different source feeds)
dairy blogs
raw milk blogs
sports news

Kevin Gamble said...


interesting, i don't have a single sports feed. But why not? going to find some.

and now that you've commented you get moved to a new folder. :)


Sue Waters said...

To be honest now I see your folder choice I realise as per usual mine are totally practical i.e. boring sounding and not worth stealing. But you have got me thinking what folder names do people use.