Monday, September 29, 2008

Working anywhere?

One of the core principles of burst working is that you can and do it from anywhere you have a network. Over the next month I will be living a burst experiment as I attempt to work from Oregon. Where I work with people from all over the United States, my primary work group is on the Right Coast so we are testing the distal and spatial boundaries a tad. My hope is to sort of work in the Eastern Time Zone, but I'm not sure that really matters too much.

One of the questions that someone asked me when I was mentioning my working in Oregon was about the technologies I would be using. My answer, "The same technologies I use now. I don't think anything will be any different." The person followed-up with, "And those would be?" He got me there... With no escaping the question it seemed like that might make a good blog topic. But not one long post-- that's even boring to think about. So I will write short posts over the month about the various technologies, and hopefully I can wind the description into an actual use case so you can see how the technology enhances the richness of the virtual communication.

That said, I need to get to work. Have a good week all!

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Kevin Gamble said...

A dear reader asked via chat, "If you're working burst why do you care about time zone?" Good question-- even though we work burst we still tend to have a certain number of hours a day where everyone in the work group is in-sync. It's not a hard and fast rule-- just the way it goes. So working Eastern Time Zone keeps me in sync with the work group a tad better.

Problem is-- that core sync time for many in the workgroup starts at 6a Eastern. That might be tough from the Left Coast. It'll be much easier, however, to be in sync for the late night hours. I often can't hang with the group late at night as sleep will beckon.