Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NBC learns that building destination sites is very hard

I called this a year ago when NBC walked away from iTunes to pursue building their own destination site. It was a strategy destined to fail. A new deal with Apple was announced today:

NBC and Apple forged a new deal that will bring NBC programming back to the iTunes store.

Starting immediately, programs from the NBC Universal networks will be available at the standard iTunes price of $1.99 per episode, with select older programming (think Kojak and The A-Team) available at $0.99.

NBC fell prey to the the same-old-same-old thinking, "if we build it (better) they will come." That's just not how it works anymore.


Bud Gibson said...

If only they had built it better. Hulu sucked. Whatever NBC site sucked. It lacked efficiency, and you had to be tethered to your computer. It was just stupid.

Media companies don't get digital distribution. It's hard to do. They do know something about producing content (though their hit rate is still low enough). They should stick to that.

Kevin Gamble said...

I'd read a lot of nice comments about Hulu but had never once visited the site. The Silverlight stuff kept me from testing the waters during the Olympics.

But, I agree with you totally that distribution and creation are two different animals. It's hard to do both well.