Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My FriendFeed lists

Louis Gray had an excellent post on how he organizes his friends using the new lists feature in the beta version of FriendFeed: With FriendFeed Lists, I Start to Organize the Noise. As a follow-on to my trying to get a handle on my Google Reader folders, I made some lists in FriendFeed as well. Here they are:

  • Strong ties-- my list of eight.
  • Weak ties - people I actually know.
  • Commenters - anyone who has ever left a comment here.
  • Pay attention - those people who almost always bring me interesting stuff.
  • Glance - people who have the potential to bust onto the pay attention list.

I plan to be pretty aggressive at moving people in and out of the last two lists. I have removed everyone from the default home list following Louis's lead of having an empty inbox.

I've still clung to my imaginary friends. These are lists where I put single types of info from select groups. For example, all of the tweets of my strong ties network. The ability to create an imaginary friend has basically replaced all of what I was previously doing with creating aggregated and filtered flows using Yahoo Pipes. This capability is very cool!

Now I need to think about matching my Google Reader folders to this framework. I think it might work.

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