Thursday, September 4, 2008

I always could take tests...

My score on the HowStuffWorks Web 3.0 quiz. One of the questions had three wrong answers, but I prevailed by selecting the most right.


Sue Waters said...

Extremely sad face and I obviously need to spend even more time online because I only managed 60 % :(

Kevin Gamble said...


Well, you could always blame it on falling behind when you took that vacation without Internet access. It's your DH's fault.


Sue Waters said...

Well I could -- and always good to blame on hubby.

Be to be honest got myself confused over Web 3.0 because there has been debate concerning what is Web 3.0. Which was made worse by a presentation this week that I attended which said Web 3.0 was virtual worlds (which I knew it wasn't).

So for punishment I will need to work harder :)