Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chrome and the death of the URL

I can never resist using "death" in a blog title-- I can't help myself. Jeremiah Owyang could have worked death into this title: URLs will be an Anachronism:

After playing with Google’s Chrome browser for the last few days, I noticed the “Address” bar, which is just called a “Omnibox” (corrected from just “box” via comments) is really a search field. Anything entered into it will deliver a webpage (it first looks at your historical activities) or renders Google search results (or search of your preference, including twitter search). As a result, it’s become apparently that I no longer need to enter in URLs to my browser for 99% of all tasks.

I've been saying this for sometime now, most recently two months ago: Do domain names even matter anymore? That Google has now codified this is further evidence that the Web site as a concept is history.

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Bud Gibson said...

One ring to bind them.

A lot of people use google as their homepage and actually engage in this behavior already. I know my wife does.

There are times when you want the URL, for instance: going to your online bank, your company intranet, ebay, that kind of thing. This idea brings the notion of search gaming to a whole new level.

Search, I reckon, is the new lock-in. Forget about proprietary software. Where do you get your information? Who's Google for in '08?