Saturday, September 13, 2008

Burst vs Business in Twitter

@chillnc pointed me to this nifty little lifetracking (worktracking) application: twitter charts. You enter an ID and it charts when a person is most active. The first chart is mine. It basically shows that I do sleep, and that I do more tweeting outside of the traditional work day than within.

Below is a chart for a person who doesn't work a burst schedule:

I'm not sure I have any conclusions to draw other than I find these types of tools quite interesting. We're just starting to see these workstreaming tools come into play in the enterprise. When everything is logged you have to figure that people are going to find ways to expose it. It's a critical element to creating a transparent workplace.

It'd worry me, however, if people started to use tools like Tweet Chart to evaluate employees' work habits. A key principle of burst is that it doesn't matter when you work, and your performance will be measured by what you actually contribute. I could see tools like these being very helpful to people wanting to better understand their colleagues. I just worry a tad about their being misused by old-school managers.

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