Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Windows only release from Google

Via Cyndy Aleo-Carreira: Google launches cool new Picasa features Mac users can't use:

The problem, however, is that Google has done the same thing with virtually every one of its new releases: blocked me from using it. Picasa, as well as Chrome and Lively, are all Windows-exclusive products. What does Google have against Apple's OS X?

I don't use Picasa so I don't really care about this not being available for the Mac, but it's another example of Google having jumped the shark. I totally don't get it.

In 2008 it's not that hard to write platform independent software. What is up with this? I'm beyond being confused, and am now thinking this is part of some deep dark Google strategy.


Janyne Kizer said...

I don't think it's a strategy. I think that they just don't care.

Cyndy Aleo said...

I've gotten some comments that suggest that Google is drawing a line in the sand based on Android vs. iPhone. Just what we need... another big fight. Ah well, if it weren't for mail and calendars I'd probably ditch Google once and for all.

Kevin Gamble said...

Arg, I was hoping Janyne was right. Cyndy's scenario is not good. Being that Apple and Google own me this is not a good thing.

john said...

first they get enough people away from Apple, then they release their own hardware/software/OS that basically replaces apple and microsoft at the same time. just a hunch.