Friday, August 22, 2008

Open beats closed: Magnolia M2 version

I just got this from the good folks at Magnolia:

Ma.gnolia is kicking off development of Ma.gnolia 2, or M2 for short. What does that mean? Well, for one, M2 is a ground-up rewrite of Ma.gnolia, re-creating features we love today, taking a second run at what didn't worked as well as planned, on a distributed, service-based architecture designed to handle the large volumes of data we've seen. But even more significant, M2 will be an open source project that can be downloaded to remix and run as your own.
This rocks! As you know, I switched to Magnolia earlier this year when they threw their support behind OpenID. Now they've gone all-in. This allows Magnolia to become a serious enterprise social bookmarking option. Now you can use the same thing in public that you use behind your corporate firewall.

Last night at the Triangle Tweetup we had a brief discussion of Wayne Sutton asked the group how many people were using it regularly, and it was about 10% of the room. Wayne mentioned my comment to him earlier in the day from FriendFeed:
Me: It's very simple Wayne. The war will be won by Open always beats closed.

At the meeting last night I mentioned that the open-source Laconica project (and by extension is a serious enterprise 2.0 solution. This spurred an enthusiastic response from the group, and it was obvious that most thought this would be an important development. We have yet to see the demand for these products explode, but it's coming. Magnolia has just entered this space as a serious solution for enterprise social bookmarking. More power to them!

One of the questions that always comes up, how do you decide where to place your attention when the space is crowded: e.g. Wayne's question in regard to all the micro-blogging options. For me it's easy-- you take the path of least resistance. That is always going to be the open solution. Congrats to Magnolia!

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