Saturday, August 30, 2008

@DebCoates Wins Scrabulous (Wordscraper) World Championship

@debcoates has won Twitterverse Scrabulous World Championship III defeating @tgamble 459-354 in an apparent bingofest.

Coates cruised through the tournament winning her five games by an average of more than 100 points. She survived a scare, however, in her third round match-up defeating newcomer Gretchen Williver by a slim 10 points. Coates has emerged as the dominate player in the World Championship Series after finishing second in TSWSC I.

The next World Championship will begin shortly. If you are interested in playing please join the Facebook Twitterverse Scrabulous World Championship group and let us know of your interest.

The top seeds for TSWSC III are:

  • @debcoates
  • @tgamble
  • @cathleenritt
  • @bnr1

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