Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Craig Newmark on community and internet literacy

Craig Newmark nails it: The Permanent Town Hall: Why a President needs to know the Internet

It's hard for me, as a nerd, to admit, but the technology isn't really as important as my peers might think. As a customer service rep, however, I can tell you definitively that comfort with Internet use and culture is absolutely required for any kind of leadership these days. It has to do with staying in touch with your community and constituency.

This is exactly why I go on my rants that paying attention to your community is everyone's job. It's not something that can be delegated. If you don't know your customer how can you even begin to make important decisions about/with them?

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Bud Gibson said...

I think this remark is true of people who live in the cloud. I know a lot of people who are not there or are only occasional users. Barack Obama after a bunch of TV play has seen his poll numbers dip sharply.

The problem with Internet interaction is that you have to seek it out. The air waves just blast you.