Saturday, June 14, 2008

People leaving AIM for Google Talk and Facebook?

Read Write Web has an interesting article on chat integration: Why IM Interoperability May Just be a Dream:

Interoperability between instant messaging (IM) clients is something a lot of users have wished for. More specifically, we wish it was standard and provided right out of the box instead of having to turn to third parties such as Adium, Digsby, Trillian, or Pidgin. Yet there seems to be a problem with the concept of interoperability for the companies of the more popular IM clients.

I'm wondering how much the interoperability really matters with the growth of XMPP services through Google and Facebook? I'm personally seeing more and more people who I used to chat with via AIM making themselves available through Google Talk. How about the rest of you, are you seeing your peeps move away from AIM? Maybe interoperability just doesn't matter because we finally have a critical mass of people using XMPP-based services.


Anonymous said...

I think XMPP is actually the true interop standard. It's built into the protocol.

It's just like all other network protocols. The proprietary ones are giving way to the open ones.

Corvida said...

Hey Kevin,

I'm Corvida, the writer of the interoperability story on RWW. You make a great point about the growth of XMPP and I can't deny it. However, I was looking at things from a more...mainstream perspective. Not many of my friends even know that Google has it's own IM client. Popular services like Yahoo and AIM are more mainstreamed oriented than Google Talk. For mainstream growth, interoperability matters a lot imo. However, for early adopters and tech savvy users, it won't really matter at all since they would know ways to get around it all.

dbt said...

My guess is that as early adopters push away from AIM and to gtalk and other xmpp services, AIM and other providers will simply build s2s xmpp gateways at some point.

Kevin Gamble said...

I appreciate all your comments.

In my circumstance I'm not sure that any of my new Google Talk friends would qualify as early adopters or geeks. They are using G Mail, however, which then makes them easier to find through chat.

I wonder how many of the Yahoo Mail and Hotmail folks are starting to find their way to Google? I think I'll see if I can find some stats.