Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The demise of the homepage: Google News version

From Lost Remote discussing the Google News homepage: Google News not much of a hit

I use GN quite a bit - and am generally a big fan. But its home screen never gets my attention, I only use the search function to hit up major keywords each day.

Duh huh! That's what 80%+ of the people do with content centric Web sites. The homepage has become completely irrelevant and totally unnecessary: Searchable wads of content: Pulling the plug on the Web site

Google should set an example and take the Google News landing page down. It could serve as a good example for how Google Knol will work, and demonstrate to authors that they don't need a "web site"in order to be found.


Anonymous said...

Even under your scheme the home page is critical. It is often the most linked to page and it contains links to the rest of the site. In essence, even if no one ever visits your home page, it defines your site's brand by pointing to what is important.

However, I also think the premise that people don't use home pages is also a bit flawed. People still do use destination sites to an extent, for instance Amazon or llbean. They will also visit your home page if it is what comes up at the top in a search for you.

So, while I agree that search has a dominant role in navigation, I disagree with the idea of dumping the home page. It just has a different place than it did 10 years ago.

Kevin Gamble said...

I know it depends somewhat on the purpose of the site. I've bought a lot of stuff from Amazon but i don't think I've ever seen their homepage. I'll have to check it out.