Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dave Snowden on sharing knowledge

From Dave Snowden: If you try and set targets for knowledge sharing you have failed to understand the subject

Knowledge is a voluntary act, if people trust each other they will share. If they work together and create interdependencies then they will share. If the context requires it even political rivals will share. Good management (including knowledge management) is about creating the right sort of environment and interactions. Creating a set of explicit targets is an abrogation of management responsibility not its assumption.

Be careful what you count- words of wisdom for sure.

Geez, I like Dave Snowden. I'm thinking I may have to spring and go to one of his courses. (Oh oh, I see there is one in San Francisco in June. Right when I'm there on vacation. I've already signed-up for a one day unconference on online communities while I'm in California. How much work can I cram into vacation? :))

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Dave Snowden said...

You would be very welcome in San Francisco and each day of the course is sold separately ...