Saturday, May 24, 2008

Scrabulous World Champion

After seven long months of competition we finally have a Twitterverse Scrabulous World Champion. @hooeyspewer waltzed her way through the World Championship without dropping a single match. She defeated @debcoates 390 to 352 in the final match.

People have asked if we're going to have another World Championship? The answer is most definitely yes. We'll do it a little differently next time, however. I've been consulting many of the competitors for their suggestions, and here is what will be different: 1) single elimination vs double, 2) top-four players seeded, 3) one week time-limit to complete a game (please!), and 4) bribing the Commissioner is permitted. The seedings for the next Championship:

I had no idea when we started this competition last October that it was going to take so long to complete. Regardless it's been lots of fun. So, it's time to start getting ready to do it again. If you want to play you'll need to join the Twitterverse Scrabulous World Championship Series group on Facebook. I'll start building the brackets again next week. So let me know if you want to play.

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