Saturday, May 3, 2008

QOTD: Patrick Lambe on elearning systems

From Patrick Lambe: Why Elearning Systems Will Never Rule the World

Elearning pageturners deserve all the cheating they can get. This model of technology-assisted “self” directed learning is at least half a century old.


Peg Boyles said...

But it’s never going to replace the rest of the learning intervention family.


Kevin Gamble said...

Now that is a good question. Maybe we should ask Patrick for some examples? That does sound a tad draconian.

Peg Boyles said...

Maybe he meant "family intervention learning."

Adrienne said...

[I have already left a comment on Patrick's blog but I'll leave one here, too.]

It's not about the technology. It should never be about the "e" in "e-learning." It should be about the learning. The electronic part of it is part of the tool, the way to get there -- it's not a be all, end all to learning.

As for the "learning intervention family" -- my guess is that the teaching machines were looked upon as (yet another) learning intervention for those students needing remedial help (re-read the article and you'll see references made to how the machine can slow down to help those who need it, or focus on certain problem areas). Other learning interventions include counselling, one-on-one teacher support, differentiation in the classroom, an individual reading program, etc.

connect. create. question.

Peg Boyles said...

Good points, Adrienne!

As someone (like you) who cares about mindful wordsmithing, pretentious jargon such as "learning intervention family" gets my dander up.