Sunday, May 25, 2008

Google buying Twitter?

Jeff Jarvis suggests that Google should buy Twitter-- Google: Cut to the Twitter chase:

I wish Google would just go ahead and buy Twitter and put us out of our misery. I want Google to get it, not AOL or Yahoo or Microsoft. We know that Google can fix its problems, as it fixed Blogger’s.

Google doesn't need Twitter. It has Jaiku. What it needs is Twitter's user base. Twitter has a network effect thing going on and no one is walking into that space. So instead of fixing Twitter, Google should buy it and then transition all of the accounts to Jaiku. Jaiku is way better than Twitter, so Google would be doing us all a huge favor--they could put Twitter out of its misery (as opposed to putting its user out of their misery), and we'd all be better off in the end.


Anonymous said...

Inspired by you, I just now requested an invitation. You're absolutely correct regarding network effects of Twitter. My question: Is the twitter model in any way scalable? Seems to transaction heavy on one central database. It may be proving (yet again) that centralized transaction-intensive architectures just don't scale.

Kevin Gamble said...

An invitation to Jaiku? If that's what you're wanting I can send you one.

Agree completely on the scaling issues.

Bud Gibson said...

A Jaiku invitation would be great. I'll find your email and drop you a note.