Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The worms explained...

Several people have mentioned the worms that grace my Twitter page. Heck, the worms even made an appearance in a presentation at SXSW. To put the questions to rest I decided to make a quick video depicting the worms' fate.

I'll apologize upfront for the quality of the audio-- I think that may be a neighbor's leafblower in the background? I have another purpose for the video, something I'm learning, and the audio will be going away. So, this is pretty much raw footage. Enjoy!


Sue Waters said...

While I think full credit is due to you for creating a video on the fate of the worms -- there is absolutely no way I going to watch the video. There's just something about worms that makes my skin crawl. It's bad enough when I accidentally click across to your twitter page.

It's probably to do with my issues with snakes; after growing up in country areas of Western Australia I have a bit of an issue with snakes and maybe worms remind me too much. Meanwhile I've added pretty kangaroos to my twitter page :)

Sue Waters
Mobile Technology in TAFE

Kevin Gamble said...

Geez Sue, I made that video just for you.

Pigeons are to rats as Kangaroos are to ________????