Friday, April 18, 2008

sarahintampa's unknow list: I'm famous

You can imagine my surprise this evening when my vanity search returned this zinger from sarahintampa: Welcome Unknowns! Yep, I made the list of "unknowns". How cool is that?

HighTouch - no about page, how mysterious!

Which is exactly the reaction I was after when I removed every single widget from the site. I started to remove the widgets that no one used, and before I knew it I'd removed them all. In retrospect, it was the right thing to do. Let's take it widget-by-widget starting with Sarah's keen observation about the missing profile:

  • About - my name is attached to every post. Want to know who I am? Google it... I will also note that my link to was clicked once about every 400,000 visitors.
  • Search - no one ever did any local searches. Well, a person used it once and they should be embarrassed. I was embarrassed for them. Regardless, I know a few things about y'all from Google Analytics, and search isn't something you need. You know how to do And quite honestly the best site search is to just type: hightouch andsomeothersearchterm. I felt terrible about cutting out that Lijit search box. I did mention the woman from Lijit who sang for me while she fixed my problem at the Defrag conference? That alone made it a tough widget to delete.
  • Tag cloud - dang I loved that tag cloud. People did occasionally click on tags, but they mostly did it within the context of a recent post. So the cloud was totally unnecessary. Which is too bad cause that was one nice cloud.
  • Twitter - there are 10 times more people subscribed to my Twitter feed than this blog. You can read my tweets there.
  • Social bookmarking - and now ma.gnolia. Almost never used--poof.
  • Second Life land pricing trends - I don't think I need to explain this one--snip.
  • Copyright - everything is licensed, "Use it any damned way you choose." Like you're going to look for a license or ask before you take it anyway.

Were there some widgets that I missed? Regardless, removing all those widgets let the posts spread-out a bit more across the page, and I think they are much more readable. Which reminds me, no one ever comes to the site to read anyway. Y'all read this in your feed readers. I was discussing this with one of my most loyal readers tonight. She said, "I can't remember the last time I actually visited your site." Exactly, none of this site stuff is needed. Maybe I should remove the header too?


Sue Waters said...

Kevin - you make me laugh. Off course we have to come and check it out when most readers view through a reader. And what a surprise to find all the widgets gone (I like widgets). And pleeeeease don't tell me you are going to remove the header (or replace it with worms).

Sue Waters
Mobile Technology in TAFE

Kevin Gamble said...


LOLOL! The worms are a great idea. TY!!!

I do have a short video to share (it's almost ready) starring the worms. Hopefully it will make its debut this week.


Adrienne said...

Hi Kevin,
The only problem with no "about" page is that it makes it very difficult to reference your blog for academic purposes. Assuming, of course, that there are students (of some kind) out there who might find your thoughts reference-able! :-) I usually tell my students, "If you can't find who wrote it and it's on the Internet, it is very likely to be an invalid research source." Or am I being too picky as I guide my students to make sense of all the information out there? (honestly, I'm asking.)

Kevin Gamble said...


That's a good point. I think I'll create a poll and see what others think.

Thanks for your comment and for tagging me. Picking a book is going to be hard.