Friday, March 21, 2008

QOTD: Dave Snowden on putting people in boxes

From Dave Snowden: Archetypes, foolishness and false categorisation:

Putting people into little boxes and thinking that you have accounted for the complexity of a human being is crude, stupid and at times down right evil. Why anyone spends money on this I will never understand.

We attempt to do this with learners all the time; and it is crude, stupid, and at times down right evil.


Peg Boyles said...

Hear, hear! By extension, we put teachers in boxes, too, and call the whole enterprise "education."

[By the way, Kevin, thanks for the tip on "Why Teach Digital Writing?" Five PhDs, no less, finally suggesting that hypermedia has already changed/will change human consciousness (and therefore, every human institution) and demanding a new approach to rhetoric. We'll need a new generation of editors to go alng with those Web-savvy writers.]

Kevin Gamble said...

That is very true. (I always appreciate your comments Peg!)

You'll have to thank aafromaa for that link. (You do read her blog?) As an aside, someone from WIDE spoke at the NED/A meeting in San Diego in February. Maybe the word that the world has changed a tad is starting to get out. :)

Unknown said...

Hey Kevin and Peg,

I found "Why Teach Digital Writing" when our director told me that Jeff Grabill had spoken a meeting with the directors. He gave me a handout, too.

Of course, I had to know about this fellow--I Googled him. Then looking at some of his research I found the article.

Yes, Kevin we need editors to look at writing differently. We also need to be teaching our work force how writing for digital formats is different.

I am glad to pass on the bookmark in