Friday, March 21, 2008

Paying for feeds-- no problem

I just sprang for the pro version of Performancing Metrics. As I've mentioned several times before, I'm a bit of a stats junky. I use this blog to learn about things that might be helpful in other aspects of my life, and knowing something about Web analytics is something that is most definitely important. Most of what I've learned about using Google Analytics for example, I've learned here.

So why did I part with my hard-earned money for Peformancing Metrics? Was it the ultra-cool "spy" mode which allows me to watch people hit the site in real time? Where that is very cool, that was not reason enough to get me to shell out the cash. Nope, it was feeds. In order to see you stats in feeds you had to have a professional account. I don't want to be having to go to ANY site on a regular basis. If I have to go-- I'm not going. Feeds save me time, and I'm willing to pay for anything that saves me time, and makes me more efficient.

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