Friday, March 7, 2008

Mobile platforms and the iPhone

I was reading this article on the state of mobile platforms, Mobile: The New Platform War, and they had this to say on the iPhone:

The iPhone is without a doubt one of the most revolutionary mobile phones on the market (disclaimer: I’m a proud owner.). While other phones provide similar capabilities, none have been able to put everything together in a package as easily accessible and usable as the iPhone. Critics gripe about the iPhone’s poor camera and the EDGE connection, but it’s seen incredible sales and has received tons of praise from industry insiders. The Safari browser, perhaps the hallmark feature of the device, is the first mobile browser to allow users to peruse full websites, rendered nearly without any alterations. It’s not a pocket-sized version of the internet; it’s the whole thing.

It truly is an amazing device. When I read this, however, it reminded me that I had said some pretty snarky things about EDGE before I had actually purchased my iPhone. I was, of course, passing along what others had said because I had no way of really knowing. Now I need to come clean. I really don't have any problems with EDGE whatsoever. It works just fine. The performance of the iPhone on EDGE is absolutely better than the performance I used to get with my Treo 700 on EVDO.

From my own experience the criticism of EDGE is unwarranted. I will be upgrading to the G3 phone when it becomes available, however. Speed is speed.

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