Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Newer more networked type of organization...

Jason Young has a great post, The Change, on the differences between the Clinton and Obama campaigns. It's not a political post at all, it's about the the impact new technologies, and more importantly, new ways of working are having on organizations and organizational effectiveness.

The post features a clip from the Tim Russert Show with guests, Noreen O'Donnell, Michael Crowley, and Eugene Robinson that is must viewing. These are people who totally get-it. Here's a taste from Jason's post:

And my favorite part - at 1:45 - Eugene Robinson begins talking about the Obama campaign, about how paid staffers, all the way down in the organization, operate with a “sense of agency” that they are a “thinking part of the campaign” - at 2:06 “it doesn’t seem to be strictly hierarchial; it could be a newer, more networked kind of organization” It’s a hypothesis, he says, but that’s the organization’s appearance.

I could say some more, a lot more, but I won't. You need to read Jason's post, and definitely watch the clip. It's great stuff!

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